SMS Performer – receive, process and send SMS messages


The SMS Performer software application is designed to provide automated bidirectional exchange of SMS messages.

The functionality of the application allows to automatically receive, process and send response messages to senders as well as to send SMS and USSD messages created by the user. The SMS Performer can be used to provide mass SMS messaging with the preset list of phone numbers.

The SMS Performer operates under the Windows family of operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista).

Flexible settings and open interface of the SMS Performer allow to integrate it easily into existing information network of an enterprise, expand CRM and ERP software systems in relation to their functionalities that allow to receive, process and send response SMS messages as well as to provide mass SMS messaging.

The SMS Performer application capable of bidirectional SMS message exchange makes it possible to set up easily the customer feedback channel and provide the employees of the enterprise with one more communication channel to the enterprise information base.


  • receiving incoming messages automatically
  • generating response messages based on the rules of processing incoming messages
  • sending generated response SMS messages automatically
  • receiving and sending messages using both Latin and Cyrillic code tables
  • receiving and sending composite (comprising more than one SMS message) messages
  • supporting “black list” of phone numbers
  • providing transliteration of the message to be sent from Cyrillic to Latin writing system
  • sending user-generated SMS messages
  • keeping contact list
  • mass SMS messaging with the user-generated list of phone numbers
  • sending SMS messages via both GSM modem and Internet gateway
  • sending user-generated USSD requests
  • monitoring account balance using the USSD request
  • providing scalability by enabling plug-ins

Different configurations

In order to receive and send SMS messages the SMS Performer can use following equipment or services:

  • GSM equipment*
  • Internet gateway for sending SMS messages

GSM equipment

  • ordinary business-series mobile phone (with integrated GSM modem)
  • GSM modem
  • GSM gateway connected to the PC

Prior to using the GSM equipment it must be connected to PC using the cable (USB, RS 232) or wireless connection (Bluetooth, IrDA) and installed properly with the operating system such that it should function as a modem.