SoftLogic provides the following types of services related to designing and integrating software systems:

Custom Software Design

We offer services for designing and implementing unique software systems based on customer requirements. Our company has a wide experience in creating software solutions and possesses required technologies that allow offering our customers the services for designing both simple and complicated engineering tasks.

Implementing Software Solutions

We offer our customers the comprehensive implementation of the solutions and their configuration by taking into account current business processes, demands for integration with the existing information systems and specific user demands.
When implementing the complete solutions it is possible to update their functionalities when required.

Integrating Systems and Applications

We provide integration of existing and newly implemented software systems in order to create a unified information system that would satisfy all business processes of the Customer.

Software Product Support

We are always glad to provide our customers with all required technical support as well as to further develop our products if required.

Resources Outsourcing

We are ready to provide highly qualified personnel to take part in the projects at the customer sites.