The main purpose of the SMS Sender software utility is sending SMS messages to individuals or based on the list of subscribers numbers (bulk SMS sending).

Utility SMS Sender is a console application. Depending on the performance parameters, it provides:

  • sending SMS messages to one or more numbers from the command line
  • sending SMS messages to the list of numbers from file
  • one-time or periodic sending SMS messages created by external systems or by SMS Sender (SMS Server mode)

In the simplest mode in order to send SMS messages using SMS Sender utility  to one or more recipients it is sufficient to specify the recipient’s phone number (-p or -phone option and phone number of message recipient) and message text (-m or -message option and text of message), for example:

SmsSender.exe -phone +420776223945 -message "Hello, world!"

If SMS Sender works in periodical scan and send mode it scans periodically the specified directory determined in configuration file, and if there are files in the directory (SMS message files with certain format: SMS-XML-files that contains information about numbers of recipients and message text) it sends SMS messages from these files. This mode is very useful and used for third-party systems integration – it extends third-party systems capabilities with SMS messaging support.


  • sending messages using both Latin and Cyrillic code tables
  • sending composite (comprising more than one SMS message) messages
  • providing transliteration of the message to be sent from Cyrillic to Latin writing system
  • mass SMS messaging with the user-generated list of phone numbers
  • sending SMS messages via both GSM modem and Internet gateway

Different configurations

In order to send SMS messages the SMS Sender can use following equipment or services:

  • GSM equipment*
  • Internet gateway for sending SMS messages
GSM equipment:
  • ordinary business-series mobile phone (with integrated GSM modem)
  • GSM modem
  • GSM gateway connected to the PC

Prior to using the GSM equipment it must be connected to PC using the cable (USB, RS 232) or wireless connection (Bluetooth, IrDA) and installed properly with the operating system such that it should function as a modem.